So, the first thing is to get Present3D installed on your computer.

This isn't difficult, but currently, not as easy as installing a normal application, however, that will change for OSX users very shortly, as a new Present3D app will soon be available for download and soon after that, we will be adding a Windows app also.

But until then, OSX users can follow the instructions below, to get and build Present3D :

Installing and setting up Present3D


Links To Present3D Help Pages :

How to : build a Present3D Show

How to : use Present3D

How to : use Present3D Additional Features

How to : Screen Capture in Present3D

Present3D Keyboard Controls

Setup Images for Stereo Alignment

WideWindow Configuration Files

How to : create a Present3D Menu to start Present3D shows and other apps (page coming soon)

How to : SSH login without a Password ( for control of a remote version of P3D)

How to : include Paths in Present3D

How to : Jump location within Present3D 

 How to : create side x side stereo movies for use in Present3D

How to : edit or create stereo movies in Final Cut Pro

How to : edit or create stereo movies in Motion (page coming soon)

How to : apply a movie to a Model

How to : include a VNC window in a Present3D scene

How to : include a Live Streaming Video Feed

How to : view Volumetric Data in OsgVolume 

How to : include Volumetric Data in Present3D


(Development Team members only) : Present3D Development Page 

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