P3D Control on iPad, or iPhone, is the remote control for Present3D on a Mac. If you are already using Present3D to create and deliver your 3D shows and exhibits, then you need this free app. It will change the way you use Present3D and open new opportunities. P3D Control is Present3D running on the iPad, or iPhone, so is easily customised to meet your specific needs.
If you aren’t using Present3D, why not? It’s also free. Read on to find out more.

With P3D Control on your iPad, or iPhone you can :

•  remotely control your Present3D shows from anywhere on the same wireless network.
•  deliver unique custom interfaces to control interactive Present3D shows, or exhibits.
•  use as a viewer for 3D models and other Present3D content.


Developed from the start, as a powerful tool for creating live presented, immersive, stereoscopic, learning experiences, Present3D can be used with most 3D projection systems, 3D monitors and 3D TV's.  Of course, it will also work in mono on standard computer displays, but even here stereo can be displayed by choosing the anaglyph stereo option - great for testing your 3D shows as you build them. 

Present3D enables the creation of seamless stereoscopic presentations that can combine all sorts of 3D content, including models, medical volumes, stereoscopic images and movies. Present3D uses the familiar slideshow format, so not only can a single slide combine all of these elements, but you can have as many slides as you require. Clickable items allow menus and non-linear shows to be created. While using a VNC window allows another computers display to be included, great for showing voting results. By using P3D Control on iPad with Present3D on a Mac, you can easily create fully interactive stereo kiosks that are controlled from an iPad.

Present3D is a free download from present3d.org



• Provides the common keyboard commands used to control a live Present3D show.
• Has a multi-touch touch pad that supports single finger rotate, two finger move and pinch to zoom.
• Numbers 1-6  can be assigned to functions within your Present3D show on a slide, or show basis, enabling support for non-linear shows, optional additional information etc;



• The interface is just a standard Present3D file, so easily created and edited in the usual way.
• The standard interface file and other examples are available for download to use as a templates to help you get started creating your own unique interface designs.
• Custom interface files can be loaded directly onto the device through iTunes.
• Or, custom interface files can be served by the display Computer, allowing the same iPad, or iPhone to be used with many 3D Displays, all with their own custom interface.
• The interface can be slide specific enabling complex non-linear interactive exhibits to be designed.



• Simply enable the Allow Trackball feature in the settings and your iPad acts as viewer for any Present3D content loaded through iTunes.


1. Install the App.

2. If not already installed, install Present3D from present3d.org along with example content to the default location on your display computer. 

3. Start one of the demo Present3D shows on the computer.

4. Ensure that Mac and iPad/iPhone are on the same network and then start the P3D Control App. It should automatically find the Present3D show and you can use the standard interface to control the presentation.

A tag can be added to the header of any existing Present3D show and allow it to be controlled by P3D Control using the standard interface.


3D Hardware :

Some stereo displays systems require active stereo, Present3D supports this, but not all computers, or graphics cards do. For this and other reasons, we prefer to use polarised stereo display systems. You will find helpful information at present3d.org and digitallearningfoundation.org