Creating an Automator app to start you shows from the desktop can make it much easier to run your P3D shows. No need to fire up Terminal and type in the start up commands, instead, just click on the app. 


Creating the Automator App

Open Automator, you will find it in your Applications folder. When it opens a window will give you options for the type of Automator document you want to make, select Application.

Automator start screen

The main Automator will now be visible.

From the lhs menu select Library, then in the middle menu scroll down to the Run Shell Script option and drag this into the workspace on the rhs.

Now, on the Run Shell Script window, change the Shell to tcsh, by clicking on the button that says /bin/bash and scroll down to the /bin/tcsh option.

You are now ready to add the script that will start your show, so you will working in the Run Shell Script window.

First you will need to move to the directory/folder that your show is in, so we will do a cd followed by the full path to your show :

cd /Volumes/HardDiskName/path/to/folder

then on a new line, we will start the show :

present3D MyShow.p3d


image of automator window

..and that's it. You can now save your application, name it in the dialogue that pops up, choose where to save it and make sure that you use the Application file format and then click save. You can now test by starting your show, either by double clicking on the automator button that will have been created for you, or by right mouse clicking and choosing open. I prefer the latter, as you are less likely to start two copies of your show which can happen by mistake.