How To : Put iPad into Kiosk Mode

When using the P3D Control app on iOS, there may be times you need to prevent the user exiting the app and prevent access to the app settings menu.

This is refered to as Kiosk mode and on iOS is called "Guided Access“ and is available on iOS 6.0. and later.

You can find more information here:


To enable guided access tap Settings > General >Accessibilty> Guided Access and swipe toggle to turn on.

After enabling guided access,  you start the app, tap the home-button three times, enter an unlock-code and tap continue. Remember the code, you will need it to exit guided access! 

Once enabled the menu-button is hidden and you can’t leave the app via the home-button. To exit guided access tap the home-button three times and unlock it with the unlock code from above.


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