How To : Install OSX P3D App

So, it's available at last, the OSX P3D App is now in final Beta and can be downloaded from : here.

But once you have the download, what then?

Well, it's all really simple, lets go through the process :


1 : Unzip

Unzip the file. You can actually put the app wherever you want, but for the sake of the tutorials on this site we will assume that you will create a new Present3D folder in the OSX Applications folder and then put the app in this. This allows you put all the files that you want to have available to all .p3d shows in this one place and makes management much easier.


2: Open the App

For a basic install, that's it... you can now double click the App to open the app and then go to File/Open to select the .p3d show you want to open, or you can drop a .p3d on the App to open the show.


3 : Download and Install the Configs and Example Content

Also on the downloads page you will find a Basic Content Download that includes : 

• A Configuration folder download that has Keystone and Config files, Fonts and  LUT's for Volume Rendering.

• Some simple example shows to help learn how to use P3D. ( More to come soon)

• A htdocs download that has an example interface file for the P3D Control App for iPad. 

• A Read Me document, that goes through the basics of the P3D app.

• A Setting up P3D for iPad control document.

Once downloaded and unzipped, the contents of the folder should be moved into the Present3D folder we created in the Applications folder at 1 above.

And that's it, you are now ready to get started.

For More information go to the Using Present3D pages.




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