Download P3D App for OSX

The OSX app is now in final Beta and can be downloaded from here :

: Present3D 0.5.2 Beta

: Present3D 0.5.5 Beta



Basic Content Download

After downloading the App above you should download this folder of configs and simple examples :

Present3D Content and Configs : Updated to Version 1.1.

The included Read Me should help get you started.


P3D Control iOS App : 

The P3D Control app for iPad and iPhone is available for download on the Apple App Store.

See the Introducing P3D Control post for help getting started with the app.


P3D Control Custom Interface Examples :

Here you will find example interface files to use as templates and help you create your own.

Standard iPad Interface :

If you haven't done so already, download the Basic Content Download above and go to the htdocs folder. There you will find the interface.p3d file and the graphics that were used to create the default interface. You can use this as a template to create your own custom interfaces.

We will be adding tutorials soon.


Sample Shows : 

Here you will find some sample shows with example content to help you see how P3D works.

Volume Rendering :

Volume Rendering Examples 1

This download has a sample dicom volume head_ct dataset and two p3d shows, one using the original Volume renderer and the other demonstrating the new multipass renderer. 

The volume dataset should be put into the volumes folder of the above Present3D basic content download and the shows should go in the example_shows folder.


Interactive Image Sequence Example :

Image Sequence Example 1

This download includes two files, a sample script called and a show file callled head_ct_sequence.p3d. You will also need the Volume Rendering Examples 1 above.

Both files should go in the example_shows folder.

You will find information about using these files here : Create an Interactive Image Sequence Part 1 / Part 2


Sample Content :

Stereo Video :

These video files can be downloaded and used as examples of stereo video. Makes sure to download the highest quality "Original" version.

By using say, Motion, or QuickTime 7 you can also export the video as an image sequence and then use as examples of interactive image sequences.


Volume Rendering Example : 1 


Volume Rendering Example : 2 



Building From Source :

Present3D is cross platform and can be installed as part of the Open Scene Graph which can be downloaded from here :

Open Scene Graph Downloads



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