Developed from the start, as a powerful tool for creating live presented, immersive, stereoscopic, learning experiences, Present3D can be used with most 3D projection systems, 3D monitors and 3D TV's.  Of course, it will also work in mono on standard computer displays and even here stereo can be displayed by choosing the anaglyph stereo option - great for testing your 3D shows as you build them. 

Present3D enables the creation of seamless stereoscopic presentations that can combine all sorts of 3D content, including models, medical volumes, stereoscopic images and movies. Present3D uses the familiar slideshow format, but each slide is a full 3D environment that can combine all of these element and you can have as many slides as you require. Clickable items allow menus and non-linear shows to be created. While using a VNC window allows another computers display to be included, great for showing voting results.

Present3D also makes aligning a dual projector stereo system a breeze, with its simple "drag a corner" alignment tool - it even allows repostioning of the projectors to one side of the audience, perfect for travelling systems.

By using P3D Control for iPad and iPhone, with Present3D on a Mac, you can easily create fully interactive stereo kiosks that are controlled from an iPad.

On this site you will find help pages on how to download and use Present3D, along with forums where you can share tips and tricks on how to get the most out of this powerful tool.

Present3D was launched in July 2004 at a series of presentations held at Apple's Stockley Park headquarters, before an enthusiastic audience of educators, scientists and artists. And Present3D has been used ever since by the Digital Learning Foundation Educational Charity for the development of its 3D School Shows, to date experienced by over 40,000 students of all ages.

The DLF continues to support the ongoing development of Present3D and P3D Control for iPad and iPhone.



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